Who We Are

We are Great Blue Turaco. We provide web development services on PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS/Maria DB. This is our stack.

We use this stack as optimal for web development in any kind, simple or very complex.

PHP 7.3/Javascript/HTML5/CSS/MariaDB/NginX/CentOS

We do SAP Abap Development. We have 10 years experience in big SAP ERP systems, up and running in the largest companies in Cyprus, our local hub.

We have experience in almost all SAP ERP modules including Financial Accounting, Financial Controlling, Materials Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Sales and Distribution, Warehouse, Business Intelligence, HR.

We also provide trainings and guidance on web development for intermediate or advanced users using movies, files and teamviewer for support.

How we work

We are here to provide you the best solution in terms of value for money. We are experienced in all the ERPs in the market and how much things cost. We are developers and we can calculate the work load for each process. We know most of the business processes running out in the industries locally and worldwide.

At Great Blue Turaco, we believe that people should be encouraged and learn web development from people that they do it good and have the required knowledge and experience. Our philosophy is giving the knowledge to more people to build a better universe for all.

Finally, Great Blue Turaco stands up for the animals in Africa. Our global mission is to help with the preservation of African tropical forests where our Great bird lives. Each year, 10% of our annual earnings will be donated for this aim, to specific sites that need preservation, as to be reported and documented in this web site.

What we don’t do

We use Google Chrome as our global browser.

We don’t use any other frameworks than our own. Sometimes we use only some modules of it.

We don't use Javascript frameworks or PHP frameworks. We use our libraries and our experience and knowledge.

We don't provide hosting services. Your server is your responsibility. We can propose some companies for server solutions and give directions for sizing and configuration but we don't do server support.

Our Vision for the Web Development World

The tools for web development have been on the market for the last 20 years. While the developments in this field since then proved to be helpful in terms of increased speed and security, they have also brought a confusion to the development world. All these new frameworks, new programming languages… they do not come without a cost. First, they have brought about certain limits to web development, as they are more restrictive than developing in a native language. Second, you can see companies use two, three frameworks, different for each project, which brings about new complications (and confusions). Third, they created a trend, where learning a new framework or language is enshrined almost unconditionally, without a careful examination of their benefits and limits. These, all together, created a certain stress on web developers, who are forced to learn a new thing every day, instead of being encouraged to be more creative and innovative in what they are already doing. While continuous learning is an integral part of web development, an overemphasis on creating trends and being trendy has not been always helpful. Finally, it is left unquestioned why the largest ERP systems used in the market, are still employing some older, established languages and codes.

Finally, we know that the student should search for his teacher, so we do not really advertise our services in facebook ,linkedin or other platforms that are for the public. We want intelligent customers.