Great Blue Turaco is an African bird, found in many forests across Western and Central Africa. What kind of a bird this and why it inspires us?

Great Blue Turaco, in African culture, is viewed as the guardian of the forest. With their high, deep and eccentric voice, they alert other birds of impending threats and aid preservation of the forest’s wild life. Another inspiring feature of Great Blue Turaco is their rotating outermost toes, giving them an extraordinary ability to access their needs (of food, of gripping, of climbing) in a variety of innovative ways -even while they are hanging upside down! And finally, one should mention their inspiriting look… Great Blue Turaco IS a beautiful bird!

This bird, giving its name to our company, inspired us to be the safeguards of information systems, so that people can access robust, innovative and user-friendly solutions easily, under professional guidance, and at reasonable rates. This is our company philosophy, as reflected in its vision and mission.