Online Web Development Lessons

We offer Web Development lessons in PHP/Javascript/HTML5/CSS/Maria DB for beginners and advanced users. The lessons are provided as video podcasts of 1-hour duration and they have a sequence. We start from the basics: HTML and javascript.

You can purchase these podcasts from this page. Lessons will be added soon. You will find a detailed description of the content of the lesson so you can choose wisely if it is helpful for you or not. Included in the fee is 1-hour live guidance via Skype, and where needed, remote guidance by teamviewer and with the lesson files which can be downloaded.

We use Google Chrome as our browser. You can use the IDE of your choice.

The student is recommended to download the lesson's files, watch the lesson's movie and experiment. After this, they should schedule a 1-hour meeting with the teacher to ask their questions. We use Skype for communication and teamviewer for remote assistance. Files and movies stay with you, but the live teacher support is only for 1 hour. Prices start from 10 eur. Each live guidance is for only 1 person, so there will be a platform to schedule your lesson's live guidance. By this way, the student can go backward and forward, and then find out his or her real questions.