Information Systems Consulting

What is information systems consulting? It is giving expert advice to people on information systems. An advice is guidance or recommendations offered with regard to prudent future action. So, we can understand that information systems consulting is a service that gives you guidance on what you need to implement to make your information sytems better, and how to do it.

Why do businesses need information systems? To save data, to manipulate data and make decisions, to keep history of data, to communicate with people, to research based on big data,to automate processes, to minimize mistakes, to control their environment better.

At Great Blue Turaco, we have 20 years experience in software development and 10 years in ERP systems, mostly on SAP. We provide consultation to companies on how to automate their processes using information systems. Having experience in simple web sites, complex websites with cms, POS systems, ERP SAP systems, business intelligence platforms,data exchanging platforms, Web APIs, unix environments and server sizing, we are well equipped to be your consultant.

We have 10 years experience in big SAP ERP systems running in the largest companies of Cyprus. We have experience in almost all SAP ERP modules including Financial Accounting, Financial Controlling, Materials Management, Purchasing and Procurement, Sales and Distribution, Warehouse, Business Intelligence, HR.

We have experience in a lot of APIs used widely in the market. Even if is not JSON or a known format we have communicated with Discogs API,Braintree API, youtube API, facebook API, google API, soccer betting APIs.We know their prices in the market

We can provide you consultation on all the above and give you the best solution in terms value for money. Bad consulting on information systems can lead to very bad results. Even big companies with ERPs have been to court due to bad applications developed as a result of poor consultation. Our advice, like Plato said: If somebody says he knows something, ask him about his history, his teachers and his achievements. Information systems consulting is critical for any business. The amount of false information in the market is unfortunately very big.