Software Development

Web Applications on PHP 7.3,Javascript and SAP Abap

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Information Systems Consulting

Consultation for businesses on how to automate their processes using information systems.

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Online Web Development Lessons

Web Development lessons in PHP and Javascript for beginners or advanced users

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Our framework built on php 7.3

We are building a php framework different than all others. The framework is at a beta version and we are seeking for people to test it.

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What is Great Blue Turaco?

Great Blue Turaco is an African bird, found in many forests across Western and Central Africa. What kind of a bird this and why it inspires us?

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Great Blue Turaco will continue to serve and assist you, your company and your business associates in these turbulent times, through various online tools, solutions and activities. We may be isolated, but through GBT, we are connected even closer!

Why don't we provide a portofolio of websites?

We specialize in internal solutions, oriented more towards building and operationalizing complex systems, rather than design.

Our design team, on the other hand, supports us in translating these complex systems into an aesthetic, yet plain visuality, combining it with Great Blue Turaco’s robust functionality.